Clarion Energy is excited to feature a virtual Initiate program on Wednesday, December 16th, during our DISTRIBUTECH+ Series. Eight startups from the energy sector will “pitch” their technology or solution to an audience of utility decision makers and potential customers. Community members will be allowed to ask questions after each startup pitch and have the opportunity to connect with startups after the live presentations. Come meet the future leaders of energy at our virtual Initiate program!

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Initiate Schedule - December 16

Initiate will not only have pitches from our participants, but we will have sessions such as:

Utility of the Future: How the Power Sector is Embracing Open Innovation

During these unprecedented times as people are working from home, consumers need reliable electricity.  Combined with other macro factors, the power industry is under increased pressure to provide reliable, clean energy while giving consumers choice and insights.  The industry has been rapidly adopting a model of open innovation to meet these heightened consumer and regulatory demands.  Plug and Play will facilitate a discussion with leading power companies to discuss their innovation strategies and how they effectively work with startups.

Alan Bates, New Ventures Manager, Alabama Power
Brock Smith, Managing Director, Evergy Ventures

Plug and Play

Corporate Venture – Accelerating Cleantech Innovation

Where cleantech startups are concerned, the VC train has left the station. Clean-energy entrepreneurs seeking to save the world should look elsewhere. Increasingly, utilities and corporate investors are stepping in to provide cleantech startups with funding and market opportunities through the infamous valley of death. Individually and collectively, through coalitions like Energy Impact Partners, these investors are seeking innovative technologies and business models that will provide them with competitive advantages in the clean-energy transition.


Initiate Final 8 Start-up Companies:

Resilient Power Systems

Resilient Power Systems, Inc

Technology Focus: Electric vehicle, Smart grid, Transformers




Technology Focus: IoT, Smart home, Smart metering



Electrik App, Inc.

Technology Focus: API provider, Data Mining, Marketplace services



Copper Labs

Technology Focus: Demand response management systems, Embedded systems, Smart metering


Noteworthy AI

Noteworthy AI, Inc

Technology Focus: AI, Computer Vision


Verify Energy

Verify Energy Inc.

Technology Focus: Embedded systems, IoT, Smart grid


Ping Things

Ping Things, Inc.

Technology Focus: Big Data, Cloud computing, AI


Community Energy Labs

Community Energy Labs

Technology Focus: IoT, Autonomous systems, Machine Learning


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