March 24-25, 2021

Digitalization and Data Analytics


Sessions include:

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May 26-27, 2021

Distribution Automation and Outage Management

Sessions include:

  • The modern DMS with a centralized integrated volt-var control IVVC System 
  • Grid-switching goes digital
  • Preparing for storm season with IT readiness testing
  • Lessons learned from phase 2 of undergrounding 

    July 20-22, 2021

    EVS, Smart Cities and DERMS

    Sessions include:

    • Virtual Initiate
    • How customer sited DER can respond to grid events through a modern DERMS 
    • Is the Power Grid Ready for Mass Adoption of EVs?
    • Smart City, a Utility Microgrid Demonstration Project
    • The Power Potential Project: A World First Attempt at Enabling DER to Provide Transmission Voltage Support 

      September 29-30, 2021

      Resiliency and Asset Management

      Sessions include:

      • AMI for Resiliency
      • Impacts of COVID-19 – insights on global electric demands, generation energy mix and pandemic planning 
      • Augmented Reality and Asset Management: The Future is Here 
      • Cyber-Physical Resiliency through Machine Learning

        November 16-18, 2021

        Grid Edge and the Changing Utility Business Model

        Sessions include:

        • Virtual Initiate
        • Utilities and Start-Ups: Can External Innovation Enable the Utility of the Future
        • Understanding the Impacts of Transactive Energy at Scale
        • Evaluation of a Blockchain-Enabled Transactive Energy Marketplace
        • Designing and Deploying ADMS at an Extreme Scale 

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